Circle Liner, Brooklyn Bridge

Fathers & Ferries, Birthdays & Boats

When my Cub Scout den mate Marc Brownstein turned 9, his birthday party consisted of a ride on the Circle Line, a day cruise around Manhattan. It was the best day ever. I begged for a similar party when I turned 9 the following spring. Dad took a “We’ll see” position. By April, I understood…

Racine Downtown Apt

Everything’s Gonna Be All Right: 2

“Which parent do you feel closest to?” He was a caricature of a child psychologist: sandy, side-parted hair, large wire-rimmed glasses, dressed like Mr. Rodgers. He spoke with a soft, low, monotonous voice, barely above a whisper. I considered carefully, looking off to one side, and answered very slowly, “I’d have to say… my mother……

rubber chicken classic

What, Then, Do You Give As A Token Of Your Love?

I leaned over to the lady-stranger to my right and muttered “A rubber chicken?” Up front, under the spreading oak tree, my pal Marty took something from his Best Man John and responded, “A ring.” “‘A ring!’” I complained to the lady-stranger, who ignored me. “It’s always a ring! Why ask if you know the…

She didn't seem old enough to be out of college, let alone giving me medical advice.

At The Doctor

“She didn’t seem old enough to be out of college, let alone giving me medical advice.” A short video clip from my recent 50th birthday party. Ageing means doctors, and… tests… The post “How Does It Feel To Be Turning 50?” was based on this performance.