The Exultant Anguish of Being: A Christmas Toast

EmmanuelIt’s a tough job being human. It’s a painful, difficult venture, this business of of being alive. I don’t notice that any other creature experiences worry or anxiety like we do; but nor do I notice that any creature experiences exultation or joy like we. Other creatures do not seem as eager to destroy themselves as we are, but nor do they worship or create art as we do.

Our belief and faith in God informs us that we are not alone on this overcrowded rock, spinning haplessly through a backwater neighborhood of an unremarkable galaxy, but that we find ourselves here deliberately, having arrived through some inscrutable mechanism, and within the attention of our Creator.

Further, at this time of year we commemorate the notion that this deliberate Creator God intersected his divine self with his material creation, so as to examine it from our own perspective. He has himself experienced the exultant anguish of being. Many are the times I cry to a friend, “No, you just don’t understand!” But to God I need never say this, because of course it is I who do not understand. To God, I may incline my ear and ask, “Would you explain this to me please? Or at least go with me along the way?”

Emmanuel. God with us. Amen.


Your thoughts?

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