Price of Admission

On Sunday mornings, I enjoy my constitutionally-guaranteed rights to peaceable assembly, free association, free speech and practice of religion — all at once! Some of my neighbors enjoy exercising their right to bear arms, on which I will take a pass. If I’m ever in trouble, I look forward to free access to the courts, equal protection under the law, and a fair trial before a jury of my peers; therefore whenever I am called for jury duty I go cheerfully.

I really enjoy my right to petition the government, which coupled with free speech and press means I get to write this blog and criticize my elected leaders to my heart’s content, with no fear of reprisal, retribution or suppression.

What fun! I love this country! And the price of admission is so low, any American can afford it. In fact, it’s another one of those constitutionally-guaranteed rights: the right to vote. One visit to the ballot box and I get to gripe for four years!

So let’s go vote, because I want to hear from you!


Your thoughts?

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