I live in Chicago with my wife Sara in a large intentional Christian community, Jesus People USA (see the category “Community Life”). I’ve lived in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Greece and Chicago. The category “To Greece And Back” contains memories of the years I spent in Athens during high school in the 1980’s. They display in reverse order  so while the posts are freestanding, the only way to read the story in order is to start at the  bottom of the Category and read the posts backwards.

Try as I might to write poignant, meaningful and (hopefully) redemptive stories, the themes often return to the pain of alcoholism, divorce, and suicide. I have learned to adopt a policy of “Better out than in”, which makes the blog great therapy for me, but if a random browse of the blog gets to be a downer for you, be sure to check the “Humor” category!

The name of the blog is an allusion to the song “Even In The Quietest Moments”, one of my favorites ever. It’s one of the most nicely-executed pop songs I know.

But don’t get me wrong: I’m actually a die-hard Rush fan.


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