Bears?! I ain’t skeard a’ bears!

I was hiking (alone) in the Ottawa National Forest the other day, when, looking up the trail, I saw a little bear sitting just next to the trail. Oh boy! I have always longed to encounter a bear in the wild. I took a super-zoom photo and examined the image —


40 Parakeets

On a recent visit to the bird shop to pick up finch seed, I noticed something unusual. “Wow”, I said to the shopkeeper. “That’s quite the supply of parakeets you’ve got today.” The shopkeeper sighed. “One of my breeders called me. ‘You gotta help me out!’ he said. ‘I went on vacation. My wife forgot…

Scissors of Wichita

“Is this your bag?” I glanced up, my hand suspended over my brief case. There must have been six thousand TSA agents working Terminal 3 at Chicago’s O’Hare airport that day, all of them smiling, kind and friendly–except this one. “Why yes it is,” I smiled. “Is there–?” “Come with me.” He snatched up my…

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Originally posted on Listful Thinking:
On Tuesday morning, I started to think that I might be coming down with something. By 2:30pm, I had to leave work because it felt like every bone in my body was made out of those weird Twizzlers with the gooey insides. Every bone. Even the little ones in my…