Last I Heard From My Father

When I was in high school, my family broke up and I moved to Greece with my father. He scored us this fabulous apartment: spacious, airy, tile floors, balconies off every room. He found me this crazy antique desk. We set it up in the living room and I did all my school work there,…

Photo: Glen van Alkemade 2015

Through Drifting Snow

It is snowing hard. This weather brings to mind three girls for whom — or with whom — I have slogged through waist-deep drifting snow. When I was in junior high school, I lived in Wisconsin and had a crush on my friend Sheila. She lived just a few blocks away, and I would call her in…

My Big Fat Greek Roommate, or, Why I Don’t Drink

The Lifeless One was vast. He stank of sweat, beer, and vomit, and was soaked in all three. As we heaved him up the stairs, I had a fleeting sense of living the wrong life, like the elephant in that Far Side cartoon who suddenly finds himself seated at a concert piano.

Geddy Lee, worst voice in rock and roll

Our Grand Designs: A Eulogy To Rush

My counselor leafed through the thick manuscript and wriggled her nose to settle her glasses. “So I see you’re a Rush fan. I’ve been reading your — essay– the self-examination you wrote for me… I must say, it’s… original. Entertaining, even. I’ve never read one quite like it. I mean, a screenplay…” I smiled. “I’ve been…