Photo: Glen van Alkemade 2015

Through Drifting Snow

It is snowing hard. This weather brings to mind three girls for whom — or with whom — I have slogged through waist-deep drifting snow. When I was in junior high school, I lived in Wisconsin and had a crush on my friend Sheila. She lived just a few blocks away, and I would call her in…

My Big Fat Greek Roommate, or, Why I Don’t Drink

The Lifeless One was vast. He stank of sweat, beer, and vomit, and was soaked in all three. As we heaved him up the stairs, I had a fleeting sense of living the wrong life, like the elephant in that Far Side cartoon who suddenly finds himself seated at a concert piano.

Geddy Lee, worst voice in rock and roll

Our Grand Designs: A Eulogy To Rush

My counselor leafed through the thick manuscript and wriggled her nose to settle her glasses. “So I see you’re a Rush fan. I’ve been reading your — essay– the self-examination you wrote for me… I must say, it’s… original. Entertaining, even. I’ve never read one quite like it. I mean, a screenplay…” I smiled. “I’ve been…

October pumpkin pie

Where O Where Is The Pumpkin Man?

Seasonal reflection recently posted to our church blog, “In Some Measure”: Where O Where Is The Pumpkin Man? “It’s October and I’m tooling around Upper Michigan, on vacation with my wife, looking for pumpkins. October has many virtues, but my absolute favorite among them is finding, cooking and eating fresh pumpkin — preferably in pie…”