All I Cannot Offer

I was returning from my morning fishing ritual when I came across a badly wounded duck huddled at the edge of the lake. I like an early-morning fish, whenever I get up early enough, which is not often. It’s my favorite time of day, the lake is my favorite place, fishing my favorite pastime. It…

Photo: Glen van Alkemade

Balm of Lothlórien

Last summer, my friends the Winters made a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece. I was very excited for them, having lived there myself for a couple of years as a young man, which was a long time ago. I eagerly followed their facebook posts; I drooled over their photos, and sometimes replied “Oh! Turn left at…

How To Read “To Greece And Back”

Here are reminiscences of the time I spent in Greece during high school in the 1980’s. The posts are free standing, but in reverse chronological order. So if you want to read the story in order, start at the bottom of the category and read the posts backwards.