Photo: Kevin Palmer

Orphaned Again

I am a few miles from the spot where my father ended his life, on this date, in such weather, thirty one years ago, when he was my present age of fifty three.


Last I Heard From My Father

When I was in high school, my family broke up and I moved to Greece with my father. He scored us this fabulous apartment: spacious, airy, tile floors, balconies off every room. He found me this crazy antique desk. We set it up in the living room and I did all my school work there,…

Where Is My Father?

I wrecked my car a few days after my dad disappeared. I spun out on black ice in Elgin, Illinois, wrapping the car around a utility pole. I had graduated college about six months earlier, and though flat broke I had bought a brand-new Pontiac secured with nothing but a job-acceptance letter. I am by…

Monopoly, Chess, and Driving Stick

“Enough!” My dad pushed away from the chess game, rose and left the room, leaving his friend Larry to find his own way out of our house. My dad was a tough guy from whom to learn board games. As soon as he saw I had a basic grasp of the rules, it was trial…