Photo: Kevin Palmer

Orphaned Again

I am a few miles from the spot where my father ended his life, on this date, in such weather, thirty one years ago, when he was my present age of fifty three.

Last I Heard From My Father

When I was in high school, my family broke up and I moved to Greece with my father. He scored us this fabulous apartment: spacious, airy, tile floors, balconies off every room. He found me this crazy antique desk. We set it up in the living room and I did all my school work there,…

Bears?! I ain’t skeard a’ bears!

I was hiking (alone) in the Ottawa National Forest the other day, when, looking up the trail, I saw a little bear sitting just next to the trail. Oh boy! I have always longed to encounter a bear in the wild. I took a super-zoom photo and examined the image —

Photo: Glen van Alkemade 2015

Through Drifting Snow

It is snowing hard. This weather brings to mind three girls for whom — or with whom — I have slogged through waist-deep drifting snow. When I was in junior high school, I lived in Wisconsin and had a crush on my friend Sheila. She lived just a few blocks away, and I would call her in…

Price of Admission

On Sunday mornings, I enjoy my constitutionally-guaranteed rights to peaceable assembly, free association, free speech and practice of religion — all at once! Some of my neighbors enjoy exercising their right to bear arms, on which I will take a pass. If I’m ever in trouble, I look forward to free access to the courts, equal…